Mapping and tracking social and environmental impact through earth observation and big data analysis

About Us


We are a group of impact-driven data scientists, urban planners, geographic information experts and remote sensing specialists with the goal of contributing to the 17 UN Sustainability Goals.

We are doing this by delivering great consultancy and project work to like-minded public and private organisations requiring our help in making data-driven decision with the help of satellites as well as other geodata sources.


Space4Good provides a comprehensive range of geographical data and remote sensing services including:

  • Mapping
  • Monitoring
  • Modelling
  • Planning
  • Surveys
  • Data Analysis and Processing
  • Information Management
  • Assessments


We apply our services in a broad field of sectors which have significant impact on our society and environment: 

  • Nature
  • Disaster
  • Infrastructure



Satellites allow us to see things in a new perspective. This is particular useful when observing our natural environment and the positive and negative influence we have on it. For example we can advise farmers when and where irrigation is most efficient, report (re-)forestation initiatives about the status and health of the planted trees and demonstrate organisations their contribution on local, environmental pollution regarding the water, soil and air.


Due to climate change and global conflicts we experience more and more natural and man-made disasters which we can help to alleviate with accurate and recent data. Satellite observation can help to inform first responders where their help is needed most when floods, fires or landslides hit the local population. It also allows for reliable predictions e.g. regarding draughts and disease outbreaks and enables  prevention campaigns.


Sustainable infrastructure and construction practises have the potential for enormous social and environmental impact. We can help urban development projects to avoid heat islands, improve flood resilience and ensure sufficient vegetation is provided my planning and monitoring the projects from space.  We also support renewable energy initiatives by advising on the best location for wind, geothermal and water sources.


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